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Our Mission Statement:

“Our patients are our most important asset. Patient care is a commitment enthusiastically shared by every employee in our organization. In order to carry out this mission, we dedicate ourselves to listening and responding to our patients’ needs and concerns. We do this with compassion and efficiency and stand prepared to take courteous and prompt action to insure our patients’ complete satisfaction.

The continued success of our practice will be insured by genuine caring for our patients’ welfare evidenced by our ongoing commitment to respond with a sense of urgency and the finest quality care possible.”

Our practice goals are:

  • To provide the best possible medical care for our patients and to build a practice which allows us to provide this care in a comfortable and pleasant setting.
  • Treat each patient with dignity, respect, kindness and courtesy and let them know that they are valued as people in this practice.
  • To dedicate ourselves to listening and responding to our patients’ needs and insure the patients complete satisfaction.
  • To have highly motivated employees who are interested in their work and our patients.
  • To have a smoothly functioning practice in which staff and physicians work together in a spirit of harmony and cooperation. The pace should be efficient, making best use of everyone’s time, without creating an air of hurry and confusion.
  • To have a practice which will enable all of us to meet patient needs, yet allow time for continued professional growth and personal fulfillment.